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    The Ceramic Table Lamp by Ashley, model L123644, is a stylish and contemporary lighting solution for any room in your home. With a sleek ceramic base and a crisp white shade, this lamp will add a modern touch to your decor while providing ample illumination for reading, working or relaxing. The lamp is easy to operate using a simple on/off switch located on the cord, making it a practical and functional choice for any space.
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    The Ceramic Table Lamp by Ashley is an exquisite piece of home decor designed to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any interior setting. This lamp features a beautiful ceramic base in a glossy, glazed finish that exudes luxury and style. The base of the lamp is similar to a vase, with a tapered neck and a wide, round bottom that provides stability and substance.

    The L123644 model by Ashley stands at 25 inches tall, making it the perfect height to be placed on a bedside table, your home office, or your study. The ivory shade of this lamp sits atop the base, creating a soft, warm, and inviting light that will brighten up your space and create a welcoming atmosphere.

    This ceramic lamp is aesthetically pleasing and versatile, meaning it goes well with different home design styles. The soft curves of the lamp's base and the tapered neck complement the natural lines of the shade, creating a harmonious and balanced design that suits any room's decor. Whether placed in a modern, contemporary setting or a more traditional and classic interior design, this lamp will look stunning and add a touch of sophistication to your space.

    The Ashley Ceramic Table Lamp is designed to provide not only aesthetics but also functionality. It features a three-way switch that allows you to control the brightness and light output in your space. This means you can easily adjust the light levels to suit your mood or activity, whether you need a warm, cosy glow for reading or a brighter light for working.

    In summary, the Ashley Ceramic Table Lamp is a beautiful, versatile, and functional piece of home decor that transcends design trends and is sure to impress anyone who lays eyes on it. It is perfect for all sorts of household interiors and adds a touch of luxury to any room it is placed in. Invest in this lamp and light up your space in style.
    • Name: Ceramic Table Lamp
    • Manufacturer: Ashley
    • Model: L123644
    Availability In stock
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